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The Lil’ Breezy is a rugged and safe Light Sport Aircraft. Designed by Jack Harper and manufactured here at Harper Aircraft Inc. Purchase one of these wonderful aircraft and experience open-air flying at its best. The design is easy to handle and inexpensive to operate. Choose your color and order one today!

Who can fly the Lil’ Breezy?

The Lil’ Breezy is a light sports aircraft or LSA. It needs to be registered with the FAA and flown with an LSA pilots license. When you buy an aircraft from us you are responsible for registering it with the FAA. This is an easy process and costs only $5. Then you will schedule with the local FAA office in your area for an airworthiness inspection. This inspection is free from the FAA and they will issue you the airworthiness certificate. At this time the aircraft can be operated by an FAA licensed pilot.

What is the plane made from?

The Lil’ Breezy’s fuselage is made from aircraft sheet aluminum. All of the skins are laser cut on a cnc machine. The wings are made from fiberglass and aluminum, then covered in aircraft fabric and painted. The aircraft has been designed and tested to withstand 6 g’s positive and negative. Wings are wrapped with vehicle wrap purchased from Philadelphia Auto Wrap.


This is the Rotax 503 DCDI engine!
The rotax 503 is the most reliable Rotax engine made. It has oil injection so you never have to mix oil and fuel together! The engine varies the oil injection depending on the throttle setting. It also has dual ignition for added safety. The propeller is made by Warp Drive and is ground adjustable. It is perfectly suited to this airframe. Fuel burn at cruise is about 3 GPH! Try that in your Cessna!

This is the view from the pilot seat! The fairing works great!
Notice the rudder peadals and the toe brakes on each. The control stick is placed perfectly for a relaxing grip too!


The Lil’ Breezy is a “Tail Dragger”.
A taildragger has the main gear forward of the CG (center of gravity). This puts the strongest gear where the action is and is best suited for rough surfaces compared to the Tricycle landing gear arrangement on other designs. Just several lessons with an experienced pilot and you too can land a tail dragger! Plus tail draggers are just cool.

This is the airframe before assembly!
Notice the fuselage parts are aluminum and stainless steel. The wings are made from fiberglass with aluminum reinforcements. The entire airframe weighs 275 lbs. without the engine and propeller! The fact that the aircraft weighs less than other comperable designs allows it to climb faster and carry more payload!


This is the tail section of the Lil’ Breezy.
Notice the external braces for strength. Also, notice the elevator is counterbalanced at the ends for a perfect “feel”. The rudder is of generous size and is directly in the slipstream of the propeller giving positive directional control at any speed. This aircraft can land in a 20-knot crosswind with ease!


Imagine taking your friends for the ride of a lifetime!

This is me and my friend getting back from a great flight.


Relaxing with the kids after a great day of flying!
Always remember to take time and spend it with your kids! They will remember these times for their entire lives. God bless you all.

Photo Courtesy of Oklahoma City Hood Cleaners